Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exploded Tire Tai Chi Rap

I haven't written in a long time. I never find the time. Well. My life is super exciting.

Last week I spent an evening with Allex, I love her so much. She invited me to the Blitzen Trapper concert in Phoenix. It was a fantastic concert. But the best part was talking with and hugging Allex. Allex has a Mustang Convertible, after the concert she took down the top and it was a beautiful perfect moment. She and I talk about serious things, we talk about light things, we communicate super well, it's never awkward. That's important.
The next day I couldn't get over how perfect of a night it was. Allex is wonderful.

Then there was a whole bunch of crazy adventure. My Birthday, Ballet Class, my symphony concert, making new friends, more concerts.

Yesterday though. I sleep in. Ai yi yi. So I throw on an outfit and run out the door. I'm driving on the freeway when I feel this bump bump bump bump and then it turns into BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMPBUMPBUMPBUMPBUMP and then my tire explodes. The whole tread ripped right off. I coast to the side and I'm not scared at all, but I'm like super sad I'm going to miss my accounting class. It was like really dangerous too. I was going 80 and if I touched the brakes my car would've jerked to the side and I would've got into a bad accident. That's scary to think about, but I was very cool calm and collected.

A police officer stops to see whats up and I'm like "oh you know, my tire just exploded it's nbd. Want a granola bar?" And he didn't want a granola bar. It was actually pretty lucky that he stopped because I got a fix it ticket for my license plate light and he needed to sign it to prove I got it fixed. But he didn't help me change my tire. I did that all by myself.

The bad news was the spare was so flat it wasn't even funny. I felt pretty stupid having discovered that after I tightened up the lug nuts. I call my Mom and she brings a air tank but the bad part is my spare tire was flat because it had a leak, so the air tank was useless. We leave my car there, and drive to the tire store.

A new tire cost $80.03 but I haggled it down to $80. haha.

Then my Mom drives me back to the freeway where my pitiful little car is and I change the tire again. It's really cool being on the side of a freeway. Also the weather was beautiful. I liked soaking up the situation. It was seriously an adventure.

I make it to Tucson shortly after 10 and I go to City court to give 'em my fix it ticket but the line was forever long. I met a cool guy named Josh and we talked. I'm glad I went just because I like making friends. Even though I'll probably never see him again. I couldn't stay, and I was pretty shook up that I missed my accounting class and almost died. So I went and got Eegee's.

I get to my Business class and do some homework and then class starts and my teammates don't show up and I'm like. "I'm the one with a exploded tire today and I'M here on time what's their problem?" But they get there. I freaked out for no reason.
It started raining, and after class I walk in the rain and get very wet and then drive to violin lesson.

I was ill prepared for violin lessons. Which isn't cool. I'm usually much more prepared. My poor teacher was frustrated, I was frustrated. It has to be that way though. Violin is difficult. I'm playing Mozart and Bach and my teacher wants me to get the sheet music for Bruch. I love the Mozart. Its the violin concerto no.4 which is probably the most difficult piece I've ever tried to play. Mozart has to be perfect. Perfect technique perfect intonation and perfect style. Perfection.

Then it was time for fun. Isaac, Rex and I went to do Tai Chi. Dude aren't we the coolest kids ever? I've never done Tai Chi. It was actually a real workout. Even though we didn't do anything strenuous, just moved real slow like. But it was fun and difficult trying to control my body like that. Some of the moves had funny names like "frightened monkey" and "spirit of water." We listened to new age Chinese music. haha. The teacher said Tai Chi is super healthy, but I don't know what it's supposed to improve.

Then I meet my two favorite people for a rap concert. Elida and Dave H. We saw Brother Ali. Which is positive rap! I was so glad! Like it was happy rap and it wasn't over the top vulgar. There was rapping about social issues and that's just awesome! It was a super good show. I danced. People were having a good time. People were being morally challenged. Rap/hip-hop is great music.  

Dave and Elida and I go get water at Shot in the Dark and we laugh and talk and joked about how I don't watch mainstream movies because I'm vegan. haha!!! I drive 'em back to their cars but on the way we start talking about the heavy stuff and I didn't want to stop this kind of conversation. Like suicide and rape and forgiveness and the effects of abuse. Of course it's not easy to talk about, but man, its all so near and dear to us. You're getting to really know and trust somebody. The rap party is over, this is real human connection, intellectual and emotional and spiritual.

So we go to Losbeto's and get horchata. Elida yawns and it's like 1 o'clock. Man alive it was a great day. I didn't want it to end. I love Dave H so much. I love Elida so much. I love Rex and Isaac and I love my business class and I love my violin teacher and I even love Josh. I love my Mom!

Wood Stove by Andrew Wyeth

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