Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vivaldi's 4 Seasons Ballet

Last Thursday we went to California. Los Angeles. We went for my nephews baptism. It was super great. It was great to get all the kids together. By kids I mean the grand children I love all those kids so much. It was great to see hang out with my siblings too. We really like hanging out.

Friday we went to the Getty. It was wonderful. I had an emotional breakthrough while looking at a Degas. I love art so much. It was kinda hard to enjoy with 8 kids all going crazy all the time. The poor workers were so nervous. But it went well, the kids were pretty well behaved.

My brother Morris and I went to Amoeba records but got there 10 minutes before it closed. Man. I got one cd. It wasn't Emancipator or Mooncake though, which are the rare cds I wanted to find. Oh well. Next time. It was fun anyway.

The baptism was beautiful. I got to confirm him. That was great. I love confirmations. And we went to a gym that night for all the kids to jump around and play in the foam pit. Super fun. Adults weren't allowed to play. But I did anyway. I only got in trouble once. Haha. I love jumping around. I did flips. I tried to do hand springs but I couldn't. I've never done gymnastics, I should've, its super fun.

We left Saturday night at 8 and got home at 4. Wowzers. That was hilarious. It was so tiring. But I went to church at 9 anyway. I loved church. I was so tired and loopy. All the new kids were there too which was a hoot. I met so many people.

There was a ballet at 2 I needed to go to. In fact the reason I wanted to come home saturday night instead of sunday just so I could go see the ballet. It's hard asking people to ballets. I would've been okay to go by myself, but I asked this new girl at church because she said she liked ballet. We exchanged numbers, but she ended up not coming. But James W. came! and I love him. Georgia came too! Both of 'em said they liked ballet.

It was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was Artifact Dance Project here in Tucson and they were super professional. It was very contemporary. I was completely mesmerized. It was based off Vivaldi's Four Seasons. So it wasn't much longer than an hour. Which is perfect. Long ballets can get boring. Lauren Roth played the solo. She's amazing. After the concert I found her and gave her a hug. Which is totally bad for her professional image but whatever.

Georgia, James and I hung out for a while and of course talked about politics religion and sexism for a few hours. I love talking about that kind of stuff. Although I can't keep up with Georgia and James. Both of them are so much smarter than me. It's good for me to hang out with them though. It stretches my mind.

Then I decided to get a game night put together. Even though I didn't really want to play games. I just wanted to chat. It was the perfect group of people to chat with. David, Annabeth, Lorena, Elida, Danielle, Alejandra, Bert, Lindsey, Noah. I invited the new girl (the one I earlier invited to the ballet) with a text. I got this in response: "Mate your texting the wrong number, so who ever you trying to get a hold of isn't getting them."

Well ain't I a dope! she gave me a fake number. haha. I don't imagine I'll ever talk to her again. Which is sad because we go to the same church. I'm not offended or anything. I wish her well.

Last night I did the ice bucket challenge at Annabeth's house. That was great There was like 10 super cool people there. I hung out with Annabeth mostly. She's great because she plays the cello and is super funny and she's gorgeous. Like Greek goddess status, except prettier. Is it weird to talk about beautiful girls on your blog? Is it ethical to hang out with them because they're pretty? Hmn. I guess I'm not as feminist as I thought I was. oh well. It's funny because Annabeth and I talk about feminism quite a bit haha.

I met Noah Sunday night. And let me tell you. He is my favorite person. He is SO cool. Pretty much wish I were him. I thoroughly facebook stalked him. Annabeth thinks it's ridiculous because I like everybody. And its true. I do like everybody. The ice bucket challenge video is on my facebook.

The Convalescent by Degas

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