Tuesday, August 19, 2014

inner inn in in please

It's been non stop since Friday afternoon. It's Tuesday Morning. Wowzers.

My friend Chad came into town! It was awesome. He's like my best friend. I met him on 4th ave. He doesn't really know his way around Tucson so that was a minor miracle that I found him there. He brought Blythe. Blythe is so awesome too. I take em both to Bison Witches. So delicious. And we chat and gossip.

Then we go to the egg drop activity. Now this was kinda dumb. Not a lot of people showed up and they gave us all paper cups and straws and we were supposed to make a protective thing to keep the egg safe. We stuffed ours full of grass. So guess what. Ours was the only egg that didn't break, but we were disqualified for using grass. It was like so sad. because the winner got a gift certificate to the Good Egg. I don't know who got it. hmn. Well whatever. Linnea and Jessica joined our little circle and we go to Jessica's for a while to play Bang! Bang! is a funny game. I've played it many times but I never quite understand it. I have to duck out early to go pick up Russell though. I love Russell. We all go to the Foothills mall to watch the Giver.

The Giver was okay. Like I liked it for the same reasons I liked the book, the content is thought provoking and a little shocking. The movie didn't stay very true to the book. It was good enough though. And some of the scenes were super pretty. Have you read the Giver?

Chad and I go to my house and we have bro time. He and I talked about pre-destination, agency, time, crazy things. It's so great to talk about those things. And we talked about Slaughter-House Five. And How it made him depressed, but I wasn't depressed. and How watching the movie the Tree of Life made me depressed and didn't make him depressed. He and I get along so great.

We leave at 8 in the morning Saturday because the onions were stinging our eyes. We drive to Jessica's I was wearing a tie. Jessica and I had to go to a funeral. I was glad to go. I like funerals. It was for Brother Goodman, of course I cried. I didn't really know him too well, but it was a very special and touching service.

Then Blythe (who stayed at Jessica's) Jessica Chad and I go to the Good Egg. haha. It was pretty good. I like Bison Witches better. And pretty much everything on 4th ave is my favorite haha. Then we had a few hours to kill. so it was to Barnes and Noble!!! Yay!! Chad and Jessica absolutely love books. So it was perfect. I bought a Childish Gambino cd. I never listen to rap so it's a new thing for me, but I love it and I can't stop listening to it!

we walk around the mall laughing at everything and I'm especially scatterbrained. We ran into Alma Lopez at the mall so that was super cool. We had to give the news that Brother Goodman died so that was super sad. But I love Alma so it was great to see her.
We go to Saks 5th Avenue. They have this wonderful clearance sale. Chad and I now look like super hipsters now.

 We meet a whole bunch of people at the El Con Mall to Watch Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm super tired. I slept for a little bit of it. It was a funny movie. It was just really wacky. So I liked it well enough. It was pretty entertaining. Isaac, Zack, David W, David I, Alex, Ryan and Kelsy come join us. I invited lot's of people. Only boys came though haha.

Then it was time for ultimate frisbee but we're starving so we get in and out burger. Which took two seconds, Blythe never had in and out. so it was special. We drive forever to get to Ultimate Frisbee. Blythe is like a beast at it. And that finished out Saturday. I get home so late.

At 6 in the morning Sunday my parents wake me up because they wanted me to look at a rainbow. haha. I love my parents.

Sunday was another crazy adventure all day. Mostly churchy stuff. I played the musical number in 5th ward it went well. Jessica and I ate lunch. I did some home teaching. Watched 17 miracles with some people. Play games. Hang out with Sonora in the evening. Then go home. haha. Saturday was the best because I hung out with Chad the whole day.

Monday I worked and then made salsa and then went to Loren's because he made dinner for a few people. Teresa and Israel were there too. Loren made delicious Pho. It was amazing. Then I go pick up Russell to go to Family home Evening. It was a water balloon fight. Super fun. I talked to Annabeth there. Annabeth is amazing. I love her. She is so funny and friendly but she always manages to talk sense into me. Which is good for me. And James W is there. James is literally like a god. I'm unworthy to kiss his feet. Not that I would, but you know. He's like such a cool guy.

Then I pick up Genevieve to go to a concert at Club Congress. Russell found his own way home. The ATM at Club Congress didn't work and the concert sounded amazing. So Genevieve and I ran to Wells Fargo like 4 blocks away. I ran the whole way. I should probably run like for real. I like the feeling of running. I don't have an athletic bone in my body though. I get money and its 9:20. we go back to Club Congress and the show's over! Like what?! I'm glad the ATM didn't work at Club Congress because we would've paid for like 1 or 2 songs. Ai yi yi.

So we go do Karaoke at Shooters' because it was Odassis' last night in Tucson. So that's a thing. It was funny having so many Mormons in a bar. Kieth was there. Kieth is awesome. Like he's another man I idolize. He's so cool.

And Life is pretty good. Now I'm so tired, but I have work in a few minutes. All these adventures are wearing me out!! I have plans for tonight too!

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  1. It sounds like you have a fun life. Yeah, I've read the Giver, a long time ago, for school. It was good.