Saturday, August 2, 2014


I got a haircut. It looks so fresh! I went out with Jessica and Genevieve and Russell the other day. Russell is so cool. He's like a saint. Everything he says and does is perfect. haha. And it was so good to see Jessica again. She's like my best friend. And Genevieve is great as always. Super fun. She and I have so much fun! Oy I love life.
Then I had Opera practice. 3 hours dude. I met the girl I'm going to carpool with to the airport and her name is Georgia and she's super cool. Then I went to Elida's movie party. Fun times. Elida said I was popular and everybody likes me. haha. I wish.
That was Thursday.

On Friday There was East Coast swing dance at the institute. That was a ton of fun. but I'm not a good dancer. I go to lots of these dancing things, but I just don't have the magic. oh well. It's fun getting to know so many girls though. And I returned James' shoes.

I was invited by two people to First Friday Night Shorts at The Loft. Let me tell you it was the strangest experience of my life. I loved it. The idea is it's a film festival and local people make shorts and if you don't like it then you yell "GONG" and if enough people yell "gong" the host bangs the gong and they stop the short. ALL the shorts were total nonsense. For reals. It was so funny. For one of 'em the sound didn't work so some guy in the audience just started narrating it and he was so funny they gave him the microphone. Turns out the host was Max Cannon. I didn't say hi to him, but he was so cool. Max Cannon is the creator of Red Meat the comic strip. Look it up. I totally want to go to all the First Friday Shorts now.
My new friend Georgia came! I sat next to her and Greer. Georgia is awesome. Elida was there too I didn't talk to her much though. Which is sad. I love Elida.

Afterward, Like at midnight. David S, Genevieve, Alejandra and I went to Cheba Hut. It stays open late so that's a thing. It's okay. David is super cool I really like him. We talked about the controversial Mormon stuff. So we got along wonderfully.

Alejandra is really cool too. It was the first time I met her. She's one of Genevieve's old friends. I need to get to know her better because she's so fun.
I don't have to work today, which is nice. I could use some rest. Just kidding! If you never slow down you never grow old! I have lots of fun and churchy stuff to do today! Yay!

From Petite Mort by Jiri Kylian

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