Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shattered Glass in the Road

It rained yesterday so my boss gave me the whole day off. Which is nice. Just to sit around and relax. Just joking. I had an adventure because that's what I do. If you never slow down you never grow old.

My Dad fixed the TV. Man alive. I worked so hard at it but eventually gave up. Then Dad comes along and fixes it because he's the real man of the house.

My family goes to the Temple but I stayed behind because there's 2 baptisms I wanted to see. I wish I could've gone but your friends baptisms don't happen everyday. Actually one of the baptisms I didn't even know the girl. I cried anyway because the Holy Ghost is so strong at baptisms. Truly, it's beautiful. I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

So after the baptism (the baptism was at noon), I went to Bookmans to get a new chord for the Super Nintendo. I ran into Zach there. I love Zach, he's so cool. We chatted for a while. He likes scary music, and he has a funny attitude. I invited him to other things but he wanted to stay home. We had a fun time at Bookmans though.

Then I hang out with Russell. I love Russell, he's so good in every way. He's very kind and very calm. We chatted about life. I could've talked to him forever. He and I went to the baptism at 4. It was raining cats and dogs at this point so it was kinda scary. He lives right by the church so that's nice.

I ended up playing the piano for that baptism. It felt good to help out. Kirsten the girl that got baptized is awesome. I'm so happy for her. Of course I cried. haha.

Then I go visit Carol. Just to check up on her. She lives alone and has Parkinson's and that makes me nervous. She's my old violin teacher. She's such a sweet lady. I need to check up on her more often. She's crazy though, she's not in very good health but that doesn't stop her. She's always out doing stuff. Carol's one of my heroes. Like really, I love her.

At about 5:30 I go hang out with Gabe. Gabe is a really nice guy. He's happy and friendly. I changed out of my tie at his house. And played video games. I don't have enough of an attention span though. So we played this crazy seizure inducing game called geometry wars or something like that on the xbox. And we played Super Smash Brothers! Also a seizure inducing game but so fun. I was plenty tired but this point.

But then it was time for a concert! I love concerts! Steff and the Articles. Super cute amazing local band. Like they could be really popular. The lead singer was this tiny little girl. (she was about my age but she was a tiny lady) She had a beautiful voice and played piano. And there was a violin in the band too. Which makes it amazing.

I picked up Genevieve for the concert. Genevieve is so great. We get along wonderfully. Ans she's very pretty. Kacy met us after the concert, just to hang out. But I was really tired by that point so I ducked out. Got home just before 11. Fell right to sleep.

6 am Mom wakes my brother and I up and tell us to come clean up the road. There was a shattered mirror on the road right in front of our house. It was a pretty big mirror too. It was cool to clean up the road while the sun was just coming up. Well, it had been up for a while, but I never see it in the east because I sleep a lot. So I guess somebody lost a mirror and didn't bother to clean it up last night.

My Brother, Mother and Father cleaning up the road.

My Brother and I

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  1. That's really nice of you guys to clean up the road.